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Extra Large Wet Bag Navy Stripe UPF

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XL Wet Bags are the perfect gear all adventurers who want a versatile bag for any size gear. Water resistant, these two pocket bags keep items dry while storing items that are damp/wet. They are perfect for that longer adventure on the trail, vacation trip, RV'ing, and day-trip to the beach or pool. These extra large wet bags are great for storing your clothes and shoes before packing them in your suitcase before traveling guaranteeing that they don't get wet or ruined during transit. They are also great to keep your sweaty clothes and gym shoes after a session in the gym, cardio class or yoga studio. 2 pocket design Waterproof Zipper closure Loop for easy attachment Resists most stains, smells stay inside 19" x 20" Machine wash cold, line dry PVC-free, eco-friendly

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